Why Choose Shared Ownership?

Why Choose Fractional Ownership at Tropical Beach Resort?

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort makes owning a dream property in this exclusive destination more affordable and convenient than ever. Enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury resort-hotel and first-rate service for care-free property ownership and a fantastic vacation experience without the cost, management or maintenance of owning a vacation property abroad.

Discover your own piece of paradise and all the advantages of shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort.

Affordable Ownership

By sharing the purchase price of a property and the annual service and maintenance costs, fractional ownership greatly reduces both the initial financial outlay and the ongoing running expenses of owning a property abroad. And as the more desirable a property is, the more expensive it will be, shared ownership also allows you to buy into a more exclusive property, attaining a more luxurious lifestyle at a much lower cost.

Balance Your Investment and Actual Usage

With limited vacation time, most owners are simply not able to use their vacation home for more than a few weeks a year. Fractional ownership at Tropical Beach Resort is an effective way to balance financial outlay and the amount of time you are able to actually use your vacation home. If you choose not to use your property, you can rent it out privately or through the resort’s fully managed rental service. Alternatively, swap your allocated weeks to one of the quality international resorts available through our exchange network.

Full Management and Convenient Ownership

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort ensures your vacation home is well looked after throughout the whole year, with all work including repairs, maintenance and administration such as utility bills, fully managed on your behalf by a dedicated and professional on-site property management team. We make the practicalities of owning a property located abroad as convenient as possible.

Luxurious Service

Shared ownership allows you to enjoy your vacation time to the full, confident that your vacation home will be fully prepared for your arrival. Our Platinum Guest Card, exclusive to owners of Vacation and Vacation + Investor shared ownership options, to enjoy  a range of added luxuries to enjoy during your stay at the resort, including complimentary airport transfer at the start and end of your trip, free spa treatments and an excursion to the island of Koh Samed.

Fully Furnished

All shared ownership residences at Tropical Beach Resort come fully furnished with everything you need to enjoy your new home, with all soft furnishings and accessories included in the price. We’ll also ensure all furnishings and internal fittings are well maintained and replaced, as and when necessary and if you choose to rent out your home though the resort rental program, we’ll make sure your home is furnished to the appropriate standard.

Real Ownership

As opposed to timeshare, shared ownership is actual ownership in a share of a property with deeded contracts held by all owners. As with any other pieces of real estate, all owners benefit from future price appreciation in the same way as with traditional whole property ownership and you are free to sell your share at any time.

A Great Investment

Investor Ownership and Investor + Vacation Ownership at Tropical Beach Resort offer a fantastic opportunity to invest in Thailand’s dynamic real estate market, with guaranteed rental returns and buy back options.