Shared Ownership Explained

What is Shared Ownership at Tropical Beach Resort?

Originally introduced in the USA and found at some of the most exclusive resorts in the world, shared or fractional ownership is fast gaining popularity in Europe and Asia as an alternative to whole ownership, and is now available at Tropical Beach Resort.

Shared ownership allows a property to be sold in shares to a number of buyers, rather than to one single buyer, giving the opportunity for joint ownership in a residence and entitling each owner to a designated number of weeks usage every year.

By sharing both the purchase price and annual running costs, shared ownership can be very cost-effective with owners paying only for the time they use their property, making the enjoyment of a vacation home in a desirable and luxurious destination more accessible than ever.

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort is a extremely convenient way to own a vacation property in this luxury resort-complex.

All residences come fully furnished, professionally serviced and will be well maintained on your behalf, leaving you without having to worry about the upkeep of your property and make the most of your valuable vacation time.

And because you actually own a part of the property, you are also entitled to keep any profit from future price appreciation if you should decide to sell your share.

Your ownership weeks can be used personally, given to friends, exchanged with other owners or rented out through our resort rental program. Our international exchange network also makes it possible to use your weeks to stay at the many fantastic destinations on offer.

Of course, owners of shared ownership properties enjoy all the luxuries, services and amenities of Tropical Beach Resort in the same way as owners of whole properties and also receive our Platinum Owners Card with a host of luxurious VIP benefits to enjoy during their stay.