What is shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort?

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort allows the ownership of a property to be divided into shares, creating collective ownership of the property, with the costs and usage of the residence shared equally amongst all owners.

Is shared ownership a new concept?

Shared ownership first became a popular ownership model in the USA and Canada. It is a newer concept for the European and Asian property market but is growing rapidly in popularity due the significant benefits to buyers.

How is shared ownership different to timeshare?

Fractional ownership differs from timeshare in that it allows the buyer to actually own a share of an asset, in this case a property, jointly with other buyers. As the value of the asset increases, so too does the value of your share. In comparison, timeshare is a resort membership program offering use, but not ownership, of a property for a number of years. In addition, a fractional share can be sold, rented out or bequeathed.

How does shared ownership of a property compare to sole ownership?

Shared ownership makes the enjoyment of a vacation home both more accessible and more convenient than is often the case with whole ownership, with all property management and maintenance taken care of on your behalf and allowing you to focus on enjoying your valuable vacation time. Unlike a whole ownership vacation home that may be left unused for many months of the year, shared ownership allows you to purchase only the time you intend to use.

What are the benefits of shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort?

  • Purchase prices are far lower than whole property ownership.
  • All purchase taxes, fees and other costs are included in the purchase price.
  • All shared ownership properties are fully furnished and fully equipped.
  • Ongoing property running costs for each owner are dramatically reduced.
  • Properties are professionally managed on your behalf, ensuring the property is well maintained and looked after.
  • Shared ownership in a property is a valuable asset that is expected to grow in value over the years.
  • Any unused weeks can be placed into our rental program or exchanged to the many international resorts on offer.
  • All shared ownership residences come with a complimentary Platinum Owners card, with a host of luxurious benefits.

What properties are available for shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort?

A choice of one and two-bedroom condominium apartments are available as shared ownership residences. All properties are immaculately designed and finished, have terraces and private gardens and come fully furnished.

What ownership options are available?

Three shared ownership options are available at Tropical Beach Resort – Vacation Ownership, Investor Ownership and a combined Vacation + Investor Ownership. Each option has been designed with different buyers in mind, so whether you are looking for a great lifestyle vacation resort-home, an exciting investment the Thai real estate market or a combination of the two we have the perfect choice for you.

What are the advantages of the Investor Program at Tropical Beach Resort?

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach allows investors to benefit from guaranteed returns in one of the fastest growing markets in the world through a de-risked and convenient structure.

What fractions are available?

Both one and two bedroom residences are available in 1/13th or 1/26th ownership shares, providing 2 or 4 weeks annual ownership.

Can I purchase more than one share?

Yes, if you would like additional ownership weeks for vacation or investment, it is possible to purchase as many shares in a residence as you wish. Purchasing multiple fractions is the perfect way to spend more time in Thailand.

What does shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort cost?

Shared ownership at Tropical Beach Resort starts from as little as 395 000 Thai Baht for a two week fraction in a one-bedroom condominium residence.

Are there any other costs in addition to the purchase price?

No, all property transfer taxes and fees, sinking funds and other purchase costs are included in the fractional purchase prices.

What personal use is allowed?

Vacation Ownership is fully flexible and allows you to use as much or as little of your ownership weeks as you wish. You are free to use every day of your allocated time or rent out unused time through the resort rental program. Investor Ownership is designed to offer maximum investment returns and does not provide any personal use. The combined Vacation + Investor Ownership allows you to use 50% of your owned weeks and to benefit from an investment return on the remaining 50%.

How is personal use allocated?

Personal usage of  each property is fully managed and administered by the resort and allocated using a rotating calendar, providing fair and equitable personal use of a property to every owner over a full cycle. Owners may also enter their weeks into the resort exchange system to exchange with other owners seeking to change their weeks.

Will I always stay in my property?

Personal calendars always allocate usage in an owners own property.  A request to exchange weeks may result in being offered an alternative property at the resort, making it more likely there will be space in a property when you want to visit.

Can I stay longer than my ownership weeks?

If you would like to stay for a period longer than your shared ownership number of weeks, Tropical Beach Resort offer discounts on accommodation for shared ownership owners.

Can guests use my personal weeks?

Your personal weeks can be used by yourself, your family or your friends.

What if I don’t wish to use my allocated weeks in a given year?

You can exchange your allocated weeks with other owners, rent them out privately or through our resort rental program or exchange to the many quality resort destinations on offer through our international exchange network.

How does the international exchange work?

Tropical Beach Resort will partner with a leading global exchange company, providing hundreds of resort properties for you to choose from if you wish to exchange your personal use at Tropical Beach Resort. All exchanges will managed by our partner, with many years experience in the exchange industry.

Do I have to pay an annual fee?

The payment of annual fees, known as owners dues, depends on your ownership option. Investor Program buyers pay no annual fees for the first 10 years of ownership. Other owners pay owners dues to cover such costs as common area maintenance fees, administration, buildings and contents insurances, furniture replacement, apartment maintenance and upkeep, electric, water, internet and cable TV and other expenses associated with running the units.

Who manages the property?

Your property will be managed by a professional management company appointed by Tropical Beach Resort, who will coordinate all aspects of the property maintenance and administration of owners’ personal usage.

What furniture is supplied?

All shared ownership properties at Tropical Beach Resort come fully furnished to a high standard ensuring you have everything necessary to enjoy your property, selected specifically for quality, design and practicality. An inventory of furniture and accessories is supplied for each property. The cost of furniture is included in the sales price and is then divided amongst owners, offering considerable savings to each buyer.

Can I make changes to my property?

As all shared ownership residences are owned jointly, any changes to the property met be agreed amongst all owners and approved by the community and resort.

Can I leave personal belongings in the property?

As shared ownership properties are enjoyed by other owners and managed in the same way as condominium-hotel properties, it is not possible to leave personal belongings in your property.

What if something gets broken or needs replacing?

The management company will repair or replace any damaged furniture as part of the overall maintenance of the property.

What happens if another owner in the property encounters financial difficulty?

Financial difficulties for one owner do not affect the other owners in a shared ownership property and creditors have no claim on other owners or their interests.

What is the legal structure of shared ownership at Tropical Beach?

The property is owned by a private Thai company, which in turn is owned by a UK company, through which the buyers become co-owners of the fractional property.

Can I sell my share?

As with sole ownership, a share of ownership in a property at Tropical Beach Resort can be sold at any time. In addition, a 120% buy back guarantee is offered in year 10.